Sep 18, 2013

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Carrera Sunglasses legend

Carrera Inspired by the legendary Carrera Panamericana automobile race , the CARRERA eyewear brand was created in 1956 by the Austrian Wilhelm Anger Werker . During the next 20 years , the brand has made its way into the world of sports goggles for skiing and motorcycle, focusing especially on Maques fades for extreme sports. During this period , the brand has patented a completely new material for the optical industry at the time, the Optyl , it is a very light and non -allergenic strengthening the sustainability of CARRERA eyewear revolutionary material. This has allowed CARRERA frames offer 20 % lighter than traditional acetate frames .

The Austrian-based brand has grown rapidly while constantly innovating, the famous designer of racing cars Ferdinand Alexander then led the brand design team. Attention was then focused on the vintage side of the greatest sports cars such as Porsche , as well as the single trend style to create the perfect pair of glasses. 1977 saw the creation of the first pair that made a box , quickly followed by the legendary CARRERA PORSCHE DESIGN . During the ’80s , the brand of sunglasses sported the faces of most professional athletes as it is for the Winter Olympics or for Formula 1 Games . In 1986 CARRERA launches sunglasses Carrera Champion, a pair of glasses Aviator – style Style based on the retro style of the 80s . The brand popularity has only increased , especially when celebrities such as Lady Gaga , Rihanna, Beyonce , Usher and Alicia Keys began to wear sunglasses CARRERA .

CARRERA Sunglasses is known for its trendy style and production techniques tested and refined over the years . The latest CARRERA eyewear collection sun, whether for men as for women, presents the latest technology which allows the Optyl and carbon fiber , marry perfectly with a string of colors, textures and puzzle games to create modern looks. Red , Brown, Blue, Black , Grey, White or Purple , take in the eyes with great color range offered by CARRERA .